The edible garden in April

Pesto made out of the first sage in the garden in april

The incredible weather we have had this Easter has kick started the edible garden. Our garden is very small but it is still possible to find fresh greens for the plate even in April.

The herbs are probably the earliest in the garden. My sage is already big and I have made a great pesto out of them. My pesto is made out of:

20 g sage leaves, 20 g parmesan cheese, 1 handful of walnuts, 1 clove of garlic, 2 tsp of lemon juice and a bit of oil. Everything is blended and flavoured with a bit of salt.

I use the pesto on the lunch table on the bread instead of butter.

Fresh greens to the salad bowl from the garden in April

There is not much in the small garden for the salad bowl in April, but a little goes a long way. This salad is going to consist of nasturtium leaves, fresh kale shots, celery stalks, chinese chives and oregano. Add a couple of sun-dried tomatoes and a bit of feta and you have a great salad – which taste fantastic because I know it comes from my garden.

Fresh rhubarb juice for a hot day in the garden

During Easter we visited my in-laws where I ended up clearing their garden for rhubarbs. The fresh rhubarbs have been made into juice with ginger and lemon. The juice consist of 500 g rhubarb, 2 pieces of fresh ginger, a large piece of lemon peel, 200 g sucker and a bit of water.

When the juice has been drained you have a pulp which you should never throw out. I have used my pulp to make a crumble, the only thing you need to add is the dough.

Upcycles tins as flowerpots in the garden

It is not only the edible garden which I enjoy. The garden in April does not have many flowers but those which can be found need an informal flowerpot. These flowerpots are made out of a couple of old food tins in different sizes. The tins have been painted anthracite with a sponge – it does not get easier.

I hope the fantastic weather has not ended for now, I could use more days in the garden. The days we have had has been thoroughly enjoyed.